Our rubber manufacturer is currently experiencing shortages in pigment colors. As a result, we have been unable to replenish our rubber jar opener inventory. This shortage will last through November 12th (approximately). We currently have available stock in Pink, Gray, and Cream rubber; we are out of all other colors. We continue to carry stock on all of our vinyl, flat tire, and suede.

It's Targeted
You choose the audience and provide a mailing list.

It's Personalized
You tailor the message and choose when to send it.

It's Measureable
Include an offer or call to action and monitor the response.

It's Affordable & Easy
We take the work out of designing, printing, & mailing.

Direct Mail Pricing*
Standard Cost of the promotional product, + $2.50(g) each for the mailer

Mailer Includes
2-Sided Full-Color Ad Card, Clear Envelope, Addressing and Postage

Additional Options
Design Services, Mailing List, Email Campaign

* pricing for mailing in the continental US only

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We can help you create the perfect direct mail campaign.

Reach out to us if you would like to set up a meeting with our creative team to learn more about our direct mail advertising services. Need help you creating your Ad Card? We can design one so that it has a compelling message and stunning visual graphics. If you don't have a mail list that's not a problem either, we can provide a mail list based on your specific target market and budget.